Sealed linear encoder for motion applications

RSF Elektronik's MSA 170 is a sealed linear encoder designed for motion applications in various industries like manually-operated machine tools, metrology, semiconductor, medical, automation, and as CNC applications.

By RSF Elektronik February 21, 2015

RSF Elektronik’s MSA 170 is a sealed linear encoder designed for motion applications in various industries like manually-operated machine tools, metrology, semiconductor, medical, and automation. The MSA 170 can also be used in CNC applications where the machine builder has limited space. The MSA 170 has a scale cross section of just 14 mm x 10 mm and contains a tiny glass scale to carry the measuring graduation.  

The MSA 170 features a graduation of 20 micron and a scanning carriage that operates on the principle of reflected light. The optics are protected from contamination by an aluminum extrusion and sealing lips. The scanning carriage is guided along the extrusion and the glass scale by means of ball bearings. The glass scale is also available with one, multiple or distance-coded reference marks that are bi-directionally repeatable to one count of the final resolution.

The encoder electronics are integrated in the scanning unit and are available with either 1 Volt Peak to Peak or digital TTL output signals with a resolution to 0.1 micron. The maximum measuring length is 520 mm and accuracy grades of + 5 micron or +3 micron are available.

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