Secure remote data for fab tool diagnosis/repair

By Control Engineering Staff September 8, 2005

Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys Systems Inc., and ILS Technology are working on an integration strategy to enable secure remote equipment data acquisition and analysis by semiconductor equipment suppliers.

The integration strategy combines Wonderware’s ArchestrA application platform and ILS Technology’s secure remote monitoring applications including eCentre, ServiceNet, and Flexible Security Wrapper. The proposed secure remote access solution would enable service engineers at tool suppliers to remotely and securely access tools in any fab worldwide for diagnostic and repair analysis.

The combination of secure remote access with Interface C and high-speed tool data acquisition via Interface A allows a toolmaker to diagnose tool performance trends and obtain statistics using detailed historical data stored in the real-time database of the ArchestrA application platform. Specialized equipment engineering systems or advanced process control applications may store the results of tool data analysis in this database for later access by tool service engineers. The result is improved tool performance for the fabs and reduced service costs for the toolmakers.

The combination of ArchestrA technology and Interface A enables semiconductor fabs to move tool data into a real-time SQL database. Wonderware’s ArchestrA application platform uses a plant-centric object model that captures, encapsulates, deploys, and manages wafer fab process knowledge as software objects.

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David Greenfield, editorial director, Control Engineering