Servo drives expand power range

By Control Engineering Staff June 1, 2001

Rochester, N.Y. -Three new models now expand power ratings of ServoWire digital drives to 15 kW, and output current (torque) to 60 A/phase rms. Both ratings are continuous. When used with Ormec G- or D-Series brushless servo motors, these higher power ServoWire drives-25, 35 and 60 A/phase rms-supply continuous stall torques up to 665 lb-in. (75 N-m). Featured is a new SCR soft-start circuit that minimizes in-rush current on power-up. ServoWire digital drives enhance the performance and widen applications of servo operation using digital networking technology based on IEEE-1394 (FireWire).

Drive configurations are done all in software using axis configuration tools, with motor types selected from a database. Parameters are stored in an Orion controller and automatically downloaded at power-up.