Servomotor suitable for piezo replacement

By Control Engineering Staff September 12, 2006
Linear shaft motor from Nippon Pulse America Inc. has a 4-mm shaft and weighs 9 g, making it suitable for piezo-type applications.

Radford, VA— Linear shaft servomotor, smallest offered by Nippon Pulse America Inc ., has a 4-mm shaft diameter, small forcer size (10 x 10 mm), and strokes as long as 40 mm, and weighs 9 grams to make it a suitable replacement in piezo-type applications.

Absence of friction makes the device quiet; the only mechanical contact section is the linear guide. Coreless construction eliminates cogging. High motor stiffness makes it applicable for high-precision positioning where a resolution of 0.09 nm is achievable. Features include virtually no fluctuation in speed and durable construction that makes it operable in harsh environments, including a vacuum and under water.

Compact and lightweight device is suitable for a wide range of applications. Because of its design, it has no backlash.

—Control Engineering Daily News Desk
Jeanine Katzel , senior editor