Seven reasons to take the 2020 Control Engineering salary and career survey

Help benchmark progress on critical industrial topics: Control Engineering asks those involved with automation, controls and/or instrumentation to participate in its salary and career survey. Results will be covered in the May 2020 print/digital edition and online.

By Mark T. Hoske and Amanda Pelliccione March 6, 2020

1. It’s confidential. Individual responses are kept confidential and tallied in combination with those of similar respondents.

2. Share expertise and observations on topics such as salary and benefits, skills needed to advance, workplace challenges including hiring, and status for automation upgrades, cybersecurity, safety and other important topics.

3. Provide write-in advice on education, workplace strategies, engineering tips, attitude, communication, and project management.

4. Learn with your peers: The Control Engineering Career and Salary Survey, 2019, posted May 22, was the most-read article in 2019 on our site. According to last year’s results, engineers are getting paid more and top factors for determining job satisfaction are feeling of accomplishment, technical challenge, and financial compensation. (Articles in 2019 and 2020 will include links to other useful career-related content.)

5. It doesn’t take a lot of time: The survey takes an estimated 15 minutes to complete.

6. With our gratitude, be among the first with access to survey results by receiving an email and link to the posted article and access to download the resulting report.

7. And if that wasn’t incentive enough, for taking the survey, enter in a drawing for one of two $50 Amazon Gift Cards. Gift Card winners will receive their card via email within 5-7 business days after the survey closes.

For a limited time, take the 2020 Control Engineering salary and career survey.

Mark T. Hoske is content manager, Control Engineering, CFE Media, mhoske@cfemedia.comAmanda Pelliccione is director of research and awards programs for CFE Media and Technology,