Share the wealth: Product information tool embraces MDM initiatives

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff October 13, 2008

GXS Product Information Manager (PIM) 8.3 offers these timely enhancements:
• Business process management (BPM) functionality to support greater visibility and control over workflow processes;
• Master data management (MDM) capabilities associated with products or product categories;
• Expanded Web services support for integration within a service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure;
• Mass updates capabilities across a set of products or categories; and
• Embedded GXS Application Integrator for tighter integration and data sharing across internal systems—i.e., ERP, merchandising, warehousing.
Suppliers need to manage product master data such as facilities, product dimensions, measurements, product ingredients, formulas, and customer locations. As part of an overall MDM strategy, companies can use PIM 8.3’s capabilities to create a central repository for all product data and can consolidate, manage, and publish product data across all internal systems and out to trading partners.
External data-sharing initiatives require internal data accuracy to succeed. As part of a complete MDM program or as a focused product data initiative, GXS Product Information Manager helps companies establish a central resource for accurate, consistent product data. The data can then be easily replicated throughout internal systems as well as to external business partners, thereby reducing the bottom-line impact of bad product data and even providing top-line revenue growth. GXS PIM collects product data from many sources, directs it to the appropriate manager for approval, and integrates with with back-office systems.
“Customer demands have evolved beyond the need to manage and collaborate on just product information. Customers want a solution that enables them to more easily manage workflow processes, to make mass upgrades across categories and provides greater extensibility outside the four walls of the business,” says Pat Salmonese, VP of product information management for GXS. “The enhancements GXS has made to its PIM solutions ensure that only quality product content is shared between suppliers and retailers. It also ensures that customers are empowered to achieve greater collaboration with trading partners, tighter integration with internal IT systems and greater process automation across departments.”