Siemens introduces safety system tool, partial-stroke valve test package

Siemens Energy & Automation announces two safety related products for the process engineering environment.

By Control Engineering Staff October 21, 2004

Siemens Energy & Automation announces two safety-related products for the process engineering environment. Simatic Safety Matrix engineering tool for Simatic Process Safety Systems merges into one the traditionally separate steps of creating a cause-and-effects matrix diagram and configuring the safety system. On another safety front, Siemens introduces a partial-stroke valve-testing package to ensure safe and reliable operation of emergency shutdown valves.

Safety Matrix software simplifies the design, specification, implementation, testing, and maintenance of a process safety system. Successfully released for the Quadlog Safety PLC, the matrix is now available for Simatic S7-F process safety systems. Features include the Safety Matrix Viewer, which automatically integrates the matrix into the process automation system operation station. The viewer provides visualization of an online cause-and-effect diagram without requiring any HMI configuration.

Online partial-stroke testing solution for pneumatically operated emergency shutdown valves is a response to a need for reduced test intervals without interrupting operations. The fast test is simple to perform and can be conducted online without impacting production. Package uses the Simatic Safety System S7-400F, in conjunction with a smart valve positioner, to test the shutdown valves by partially closing the valve, proving the valve moved to the commanded position, and resetting the valve to the open position. Availability of online partial-stroke testing promotes predictive maintenance, lowers maintenance costs, and helps improve overall instrumented system performance.

—Jeanine Katzel, senior editor, Control Engineering,