Siemens investing $30 million in Ohio plant revamp

By Control Engineering Staff December 9, 2005

Atlanta, GA —Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (SE&A), announced at a groundbreaking ceremony on December 6, that it is investing an estimated $30 million in the revitalization of its Norwood, OH, plant. The facility develops, assembles, and tests large electric motors used in industrial and factory automation. Construction is expected to begin in January 2006, with completion expected in three years.

The project includes some $7 million for expansion and renovation of the current Norwood buildings and the purchase of $22 million in new machinery, equipment, and technology, including machinery and equipment totaling $8.5 million to be used for R&D. Additionally, a “Global Motor” R&D center will be established in Norwood.

The State of Ohio has provided a number of incentives to Siemens to help secure the investment and proceed with the upgrade. So SE&A expects to maintain the 300 full-time positions at the Norwood facility.

“I am delighted to be helping Siemens break ground on this expansion today as this is exactly the type of global, advanced manufacturing company that represents the future of Ohio’s economic landscape,” said Ohio Governor Bob Taft. “I want to thank all of the local partners who worked so hard to bring this investment to our state. I also want to thank the executives from Siemens for meeting with our delegation in Germany and believing in our message that Ohio means business.”

At the groundbreaking ceremony were (left to right): Harry Volande, EVP and CFO, SE&A; Aubert Martin, president and CEO, SE&A; Anne Cooney, VP, SE&A; George Nolen, president and CEO, Siemens Corp.; Mayor Williams, City of Norwood, OH; Governor Bob Taft, State of Ohio; Helmut Gierse, chairman of the board, Siemens AG; Joerg Ernst, plant manager, SE&A.

“Siemens recognizes the value of American innovation and our skilled and productive work force. This investment is a testament to that ingenuity and work ethic,” said George Nolen, president and CEO of Siemens. “We also recognize the support and flexibility that Governor Taft and his staff have put forth to ensure a successful expansion.”

“This project is of significant importance to Siemens’ growth strategy and a strong signal of our commitment to our employees and to manufacturing in the U.S.,” said Aubert Martin, president and CEO, SE&A. “Siemens is confident the Norwood facility will become a center of excellence for the company by producing the highest-quality motors for our customers and driving motor technology innovations that will dramatically improve the efficiency of manufacturing throughout the world.”

Siemens employs nearly 3,000 people in some 27 locations throughout Ohio. SE&A is the largest Siemens division in the state, with over 1,500 employees. Other units in the state include Siemens Airfield Solutions in Columbus and Siemens Building Technologies, also in central Ohio.

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Richard Phelps , senior editor, Control Engineering