Siemens: new CNC platform, services, contract

By Mark Hoske August 12, 2005

Elk Grove Village, IL —Siemens Energy and Automation Inc. introduced a new CNC system platform, as well as new traditional and electronic-based services, and announced a new CNC-related contract, in an Aug. 11 press event near Chicago.

The “Sinumerik solution line CNC system platform,” new to the U.S. machine tool market, is comprised of the panel-based Sinumerik 802D sl, the PC-based Sinumerik 840Di sl, and the “flagship” Sinumerik 840D sl with panel- and PC-based versions. The network-centric architecture of Sinumerik solution line can be combined effectively with Sinamics, a recently introduced drive technology from Siemens, to design standalone as well as plant-wide automation solutions. Additionally, standard Ethernet and Profibus protocols are used for machine tool communication.

Siemens said the Sinumerik solution line offers users an open system architecture (HMI / NC Kernel), advanced communication protocols, space-saving modular design, and scalable hardware and software options. For the first time, the company noted, “thin client technology” is being used for operator input, with a lean version of Linux. The drives communications system called “Drive Cliq” provides improved diagnostics and fast drive recognition via the electronic type plate. The new Sinumerik solution line is said to be compatible with the existing Sinumerik CNC family. It is a “secure, future-proof and innovative investment” for machine tool manufacturers and end-users, company officials said.

Mechatronics support increases speed to market

Siemens also announced a cooperative partnership with its mechatronic support service so that machine tool OEMs can better meet customer expectations. This service will be available in the United States through its R&D group in South Lebanon, OH. Such support allows OEMs to design machines with Siemens experts, from machine concept through completion, using Siemens knowledge as supplier of control and drives technology. “Working together with the OEM’s engineers, Siemens will develop innovative ideas and end-user specific machine concepts that are tailored exactly to their needs. Each solution comes equipped with state-of-the-art CNC technology and the ultimate in functionality,” the company stated.

The mechatronic service is also available for existing machines. In this case, Siemens said it focuses on the interaction between the mechanical components and the electrical drives to improve the precision and productivity of a machine. eServices also expand

“ePS Network Services” from Siemens offers the machine tool market “powerful IT infrastructures and service packages that build on each other to provide simpler, safer, and more efficient methods for performing service and maintenance,” according to the company. ePS Network Services is an Internet-based service from Siemens that supports maintenance processes while forming a platform for cross-company service and support between OEMs and machine operators. Any machine tool equipped with Siemens Sinumerik 810D, 840D, or 840Di CNCs, along with the Siemens PCU 50 industrial PC, Internet access and a standard Web browser, can operate within this system. By using ePS Network Services, customers will have detailed information much faster for the localization of machine faults, thus allowing for a faster analysis without needing direct access to the machine or influencing the production process. Service personnel can be notified by e-mail or text message, should a fault occur. Direct connection to the Internet with a web browser allows data to be analyzed via the servers and even permit remote machine control, according to the company.

Unplanned downtimes and maintenance costs are reduced when ePS is used for preventive maintenance, Siemens said. Standardized testing procedures can help machine operators and maintenance technicians to quickly determine a machine’s condition. Continuous evaluation of the machine tool also makes it possible to identify trends and plan measures in advance. Data security is guaranteed by restricting data to the servers that ePS provides and, in turn, are protected by firewall and virus scanners. Communication is only established from the machine and/or the PC server to the ePS servers and is protected from unauthorized access by 128-bit SSL encoding.

Siemens Sinumerik 840D selected

Siemens announced that its Sinumerik 840D computer numerical control (CNC) has been chosen by Stellex Aerostructures for that company’s Cincinnati Lamb HyperMach high rail linear motor profiler. Cincinnati Lamb recently announced that it had received an order from Stellex Aerostructures where they will be using the HyperMach to machine large, complex structures—up to 100 ft long by 15 ft wide. The open architecture of the Sinumerik 840D is ideally suited for integrating the sophisticated five-axis functionality demanded by aerospace manufacturers, Siemens said. The control offers aerospace users innovative high speed features like Nurbs and Spline Interpolation to boost productivity without compromising precision or surface finish, Siemens said. Special functions that have been implemented to make five-axis aerospace machining simple and convenient include integrated special machine kinematics, five-axis transformation, high-performance 3-D tool correction and manual five-axis tool orientation functions.

Siemens is introduced the new Sinumerik solution line CNC system platform to the U.S. machine tool market on Aug. 11.

The Siemens Sinumerik CNC system offers a wide range of specialized functions for milling, drilling, turning, grinding and handling technologies. Its capabilities also include nibbling, punching, and laser-machining technologies in one package.

Cincinnati Lamb designs, builds and integrates high-volume and flexible machining systems, and stand-alone production equipment for global aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment and general machining markets.

Stellex Aerostructures provides sub-systems and components for the aerospace and defense industries.

Sinumerik 840D CNC does milling, drilling, turning, grinding, and handling, with open architecture said to be appropriate for five-axis functionality needed for aerospace manufacturing.

Siemens Machine Tool Business Unit is based in Elk Grove Village, IL. Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. is based in Alpharetta, GA.

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