Single brand: Business and warehousing solutions supplier is moving on “Upp”

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff January 23, 2009

After 25 years delivering technology solutions to customers, Integrated Warehousing Solutio ns and Upp Business Systems are now rebranding under a new name. Effective in early January, the company officially became known as simply Upp .

Integrated Warehousing Solutions and Upp Business Systems have operated separately under the same management to help clients achieve their bottom line through software or staffing and solutions respectively. Upp will offer all three services under one name. This merging of resources will educate clients about the full suite of solutions Upp offers and streamline business communications within the company.

“Our rebranding has expanded what we can offer to current and potential clients to help them achieve their business goals,” explains Scott Upp, Sr., CEO of Upp. “Our name has changed and we have modernized, but we still hold the same intense passion for our customers that got us off the ground 25 years ago.”

Today, Upp’s original localized IT staffing services have evolved into a suite of integrated inventory and resource management software products and a world-class staffing talent pool of 25,000+ IT professionals ready to power client needs wherever they occur. Upp offers business solutions that deliver real value for clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations, federal, state and local governments in nearly every major industry sector.

The robust technology and business expertise offered by Upp were born from decades of developing and delivering world-class products and services. The company rivals or exceeds the global competition by utilizing its national reach and dedicated talent pool. Upp can now more efficiently deliver a full suite of technology solutions to clients across all areas of its business.