Smart network switch for DeltaV digital automation system

Patent-pending, one-click lockdown software is used for security with smart network switches. Video explains more.
By Control Engineering Staff February 11, 2009
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Emerson Process Management has a new line of smart network switches to plug and play within a DeltaV digital system network. They come pre-configured to work within the DeltaV network, requiring no setup of switching functions by the user, and they provide an easy-to-use security feature to help prevent unauthorized network connections to the switch. DeltaV smart network switch video describes more.
Patent-pending Emerson “one-click lockdown” software is used for security functions. DeltaV switches provide Megabit and Gigabit speeds over wired and fiber communications. They are available from 8-port DIN-rail mounted switches to a modular 24-port rack mount switch with eight wired ports and up to 16 wired or fiber optic ports.

Emerson Process Management

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