Software module for control system helps retrofits and migrations

GE Measurement and Control and Power Generation Services' OpFlex software enhancement module packages are designed for the Mark VIe controls systems as well as retrofits and migrations.

By GE Measurement and Control January 9, 2015

GE (NYSE: GE) Measurement and Control and Power Generation Services’ OpFlex Software Enhancement Module packages are performance enhancements for the Mark VIe controls systems as well as retrofits and migrations. The OpFlex Software Enhancement Modules are designed to improve availability and system reliability, decrease troubleshooting time, improve operator understanding of gas turbine functions, enhance troubleshooting ability related to system trips, and reset systems that go offline.

The modules are available as part of four core packages:

The startup reliability package is designed to improve the overall start-up process, to ensure on-time reliability plant start-up capability. One feature includes a pre-start system check, which provides the ability to test and confirm the availability, operability, and reliability of different auxiliary and accessory systems prior to turbine start.

The systems diagnostics package include features like a system reset function, which enables auxiliary systems that have gone offline to be reset separately from a complete turbine master reset and an expanded alarm help, which provides enhanced troubleshooting information for an operator in a convenient, onscreen format.

The trip prevention package is designed to reduce false system trips, including an enhanced inlet bleed heat (IBH) system reference ramp rate. This helps to alleviate the turbine dynamics during an IBH fault, resulting in fewer turbine trips and improving operational reliability.

The operational productivity package is designed to improve operator productivity when executing various system tests and procedure. The package includes an upgraded exhaust spread monitoring solution which improves fault detection to more accurately differentiate between an actual combustion spread event and a false indication due to failed sensors.

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