Software optimizes staff planning, scheduling in production environments

Labor optimization software meets scheduling needs of production environments.

By Control Engineering Staff April 23, 2009

Axxom Software AG presents ORion-PIR Workforce@Production, a labor optimization solution developed for the complex needs of production environments. The software was developed with input from process industry companies to fill the functional gap in staff planning and scheduling found in conventional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like SAP.

ORion-PIR Workforce@Production allows

ORion-PIR Workforce@Production allows operative and short-term staff scheduling and monitoring, as well as a strategic budget, capacity planning, and scenario management. It considers specific production planning environment requirements and actual trends, like flexible working hour and shift models, qualification profiles or the employment of temporary staff.

In operative and short-term staff planning and scheduling, the software integrates staff and production planning and calculates staff demand and assignment for an optimal production plan. Based on a model of production facilities, process steps, and their temporal dependence, it exactly determines the number of employees required to complete each task as well as the total amount of staff needed by using bills of materials, order volumes, and production plan. When creating the staff schedule, it considers which orders are dispatched for which plant and which staff qualifications – also for setup and cleaning tasks – are required.

In strategic budget and capacity planning, ORion-PIR allows the simulation of planning scenarios in order to analyze productivity development, to control throughput, or to simulate working time models. All relevant data can be modified interactively. Graphical and tabular representation of change of plan and its effects on the rest of the process chain provide for transparency. Thus, a quick comparison of alternative planning scenarios is possible.

Also, in long-term personnel planning the software forecasts future staff availability, and matches the results with predicted demand. Thereby it considers staff qualification profiles and possible bottlenecks. Where required it can even initiate staff trainings, help to identify optimal shift models, and analyze development of costs of the production plan.

Axxom Software AG , based in Munich, Germany, is an international provider of software solutions

– Edited by Renee Robbins , senior editor Control Engineering News Desk

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