Software update for writing and modifying code in interactive environment

MathWorks' Release 2016a (R2016A) features the Live Editor, which modifies and writes code in an interactive environment, as well as features for Simulink.

By MathWorks March 28, 2016

MathWorks’ Release 2016a (R2016a) includes the Matlab Live Editor, which is designed to write, run, and modify code in a single interactive environment to accelerate exploratory analysis, and App Designer, an environment that simplifies the process of building MATLAB apps. R2016a also includes a number of features in Simulink designed to help speed model development and simulation as well as updates and bug fixes to and all other products.

The live editor has results and graphics displayed together with the code that produced them in a single interactive environment, speeding exploratory programming and analysis. Users can also add formatted text, mathematical equations, images, and hyperlinks to create an interactive narrative that can be shared with others.

App Designer provides an enhanced design environment and UI component set for building Matlab apps. It integrates the two primary tasks of creating an interactive application-laying out the visual components, and programming the behavior of the app. The generated code is object-oriented, which makes it easier to share data between the different elements of the app, and the compact structure makes it easier to understand and maintain.


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