SolidWorks introduces 64-bit editions of its CAD and analysis software

By Control Engineering Staff March 9, 2006

SolidWorks Corp . has released the 64-bit versions of SolidWorks CAD and Cosmos design analysis software. SolidWorks 2006 x64 Edition and Cosmos 2006 x64 Edition, leverage the performance and scalability of Microsoft Windows XP-Professional x64 Edition operating system, giving customers 8 terabytes of memory. According to SolidWorks, with 64-bit functionality, SolidWorks and Cosmos software can now access hundreds of times more memory than was possible on Microsoft’s 32-bit operating system—meaning that engineers no longer have to break up large assemblies into “chunks” because of memory limits.

Thad Perkins, director of mechanical engineering at Green Bay, WI-based Paper Converting Machine Co., , a manufacturer of tissue converting equipment, packaging machinery, printing presses, and other specialized machinery, says, “Our new ability [with 64-bit functionality] to manage an entire 45,000-part assembly will improve efficiency, productivity, communication with our customer base, and, most importantly, the quality of our products.”

—David Greenfield, editorial director, Control Engineering