SolidWorks to release major updates

Concord, MA—SolidWorks Corp. will release major upgrades to its main software products in midsummer 2004, including SolidWorks 2005 and Cosmos 2005.

By Control Engineering Staff June 15, 2004

Concord, MA— SolidWorks Corp. will release major upgrades to its main software products in midsummer 2004: SolidWorks 2005 is the newest version of the company’s flagship software for machine designers, mold designers, and consumer product designers; Cosmos 2005 is the upgrade for SolidWorks’ offering of advanced design analysis capabilities, such as non-linear analysis and drop testing.

Incorporating 3-D design, analysis, product data management, collaboration, and injection-molded plastic part validation, SolidWorks 2005 also includes more than 250 customer-requested features and enhancements including:

  • An extensive design library for machine designers;

  • Mold design validation tool built into a solid modeling environment;

  • Enhanced loft features for consumer product designers;

  • Application-specific user interfaces;

  • A task pane on the SolidWorks desktop.

Other usability upgrades include a patent-pending “Select Other” feature that peels away model faces to uncover interior parts.

New productivity features include an auto-dimensioning feature that automatically adds chain, ordinate, or baseline dimensions to all entities in a drawing view. A new DrawCom-pare tool highlights changes to any two drawings. Multi-user tools manage version control so users can cooperate as intended rather than clarifying offline who did what when to which file. The Design Binder also supports multiple users, letting them insert text or voice comments, files, and links into a SolidWorks file to track design intent and progress.

SolidWorks 2005 also includes the DWGEditor tool, giving users the ability to edit 2-D DWG files in their native format. The tool is ideal for design engineers who use 3-D design software but need to periodically maintain legacy 2-D designs. Other functionality added to help 2D users embrace 3D includes snaps, crossing select, repeat, trim, mirror, circle, and line features.

The updated Cosmos 2005 (including CosmosWorks, CosmosFloWorks and CosmosMotion) features more than 100 user-driven enhancements such as updated interfaces, simplified analysis processes, and tighter integration with SolidWorks 3-D mechanical design software.

New capabilities in CosmosWorks 2005 include:

  • Embedded non-linear analysis, which calculates the behavior of products and materials that distort irregularly, such as O-rings, medical stents, airline luggage containers, and snap-clips. Contact analysis in an assembly between components made up of nonlinear mate-rials is also included.

  • Drop testing, which calculates stresses, deformations, and secondary impact when an object is dropped from a specified height.

  • Embedded fatigue analysis, to predict failure or cumulative damage of products under cyclic or repetitive loading.

  • Enhanced thermal analysis, which includes effect of temperature changes on material properties, such as conductivity and elasticity, and changes in boundary conditions, such as convection and heat flux with temperature.

  • Load transfer from CosmosMotion without the need for an external file, and also an option to transfer load for the entire motion cycle to study worse case scenario.

  • Option to compare test results, such as stress and displacement data measured at different locations in a physical test with simulation results.

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David Greenfield, editorial director