Spirax Sarco acquires flow products firm, launches pump upgrade

Emco Flow Systems is now part of Spirax Sarco Inc.

By Control Engineering Staff July 6, 2005

Emco Flow Systems is now part of Spirax Sarco Inc. (SSI) . The company purchased all relevant business assets of the Longmont, CO, firm from parent Advanced Energy Industries Inc. Emco will become a division of SSI. Operations will remain headquartered in Longmont.

Emco provides flow measurement products for industrial installations involving steam, gas, and liquids, and HVAC, commercial, and municipal water applications. Product lines include in-line and insertion vortex flowmeters, insertion turbine flowmeters, Doppler and transit time ultrasonic flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters, flow processors, and temperature transmitters.

Pivitrol pressure-powered pump cover and mechanism retrofit from Spirax Sarco Inc. is an in-line, bolt-in upgrade applicable to almost every make of mechanical pump.

Said SSI President Mark Vernon, “Emco complements our existing range of steam flowmeters. Emco also brings proved flow measurement solutions for commercial and industrial liquids and gases that will enhance the application breadth of our process instrumentation product portfolio.” Vernon expects the acquisition to accelerate development of new products already under consideration. SSI provides steam system solutions, services, and products for the control and use of steam and other industrial fluids.

In product news from the company, SSI has introduced a Pivotrol pressure-powered pump cover and mechanism retrofit designed as an in-line, bolt-in upgrade for almost every make of mechanical pump. With full warranty at 200-psig operation, the retrofit is intended as a solution to excessive maintenance and energy consumption, heat exchanger stall, water hammer, and erratic steam system performance. The technology replaces conventional pins and linkages with pivots to reduce friction and wear and lengthen service life. A special damper uses the hydraulic inertia of the collected condensate to reduce mechanical shock as the valve actuators shift.

Product is geared for rapid-cycling process environments under elevated pressure and temperature conditions. An integral electronic cycle counter monitors pump performance and confirms warranty coverage. —Jeanine Katzel, senior editor, Control Engineering, jkatzel@reedbusiness.com