Standard procedure: ISA95 for MES; vote for favorite standard by Sept. 19

Would it be useful to hear from a global pharmaceutical manufacturer about how its approach to using one manufacturing execution system, with ISA95 as a guide? Separately, ANSI is asking everyone to choose their favorite standards before a Sept. 19 deadline. Did you vote?

By Control Engineering Staff September 15, 2008

Research Triangle Park, NC and Washington, DC – Would it be useful to hear from a global pharmaceutical manufacturer about how its approach to using one manufacturing execution system, with ISA95 as a guide? That will be among keynote discussions at the WBF European Conference. Separately, ANSI is asking everyone to tell them about their favorite standards. ISA, one among many ANSI standards bodies, seeks participation before the Sept. 19 deadline. Did you vote yet?European business professionals will keynote the 2008 WBF European Conference hosted by WBF, The Forum for Automation and Manufacturing Professionals , in Barcelona, Nov. 10-12, 2008. Advice from foods and pharmaceutical companies will be offered.The opening address, Tuesday, Nov. 10, will be delivered by Kurt Werckx, manager of the Business Export Group at Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium. In “Approach to a single MES strategy within a global environment,” Werckx will discuss appropriate steps and deliverables and how to use ISA95 as a guide, who to involve in the process, and how to integrate engineering and IT business units in a global company.Werckx oversees a group of subject matter experts for several projects, including the MES rollout for the Janssen Pharmaceutica plant in Geel, Belgium. His prior position there was IT project manager where he and Carl van Laer defined an MES strategy for all API producing companies within the Johnson & Johnson Group, of which Janssen Pharmaceutica is a part.Wednesday’s keynoter is Arne Svendsen, head of Manufacturing Services & Automation at Arla Foods Global IT (GBSIT). Svendsen will present his case study, “Bringing Business and Manufacturing-IT Together,” and show attendees how Arla managed to successfully integrate the best IT-tools.With 20 years of experience in developing and consulting on manufacturing execution and control systems, Svendsen joined the user manufacturing enterprise when he accepted a position at Arla Foods, a leading European dairy company, in 2002. He has been a force in converting theoretical standard documents in the ISA95 standard into real-life implementation as the first European customer in 2003 to implement open standard SAP-MES integration.With the theme “Bridging the Divide between IT and Manufacturing,” WBF has created a conference with presentations and demonstrations relevant to emerging issues—how to incorporate IT and manufacturing into cohesive units without losing time, money, and labor. The conference offers best-practices and advice around global issues.“This year’s theme is a truly hot topic. Businesses worldwide are constantly working on implementing profitable and sensible solutions that incorporate both engineering and IT into cohesive operating units,” said Charlotta Johnsson, WBF director of European Operations. She said theAlso read, from Control Engineering :

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ISA and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) have issued an invitation to you. In commemoration of ANSI’s 90th Anniversary, the Institute is bringing back its popular 2002 survey to learn which standards are making a difference in the ever-changing global arena and which are most important to you. Complete the brief Standards Make a Difference survey by Friday, September 19, 2008 and be entered into a drawing for one of three $100 American Express gift cards, ANSI says. Entries will be published on ANSI Online and displayed during World Standards Week 2008 in Bethesda, MD.Those who enter will identify the standard (or family of standards) selected and explain why the document is important (how it relates to and focuses on business or consumer issues). Reference any voluntary consensus standard published from any source; standards do not have to be ANSI-approved for consideration. However, each entry must refer to a published document that is used; standards that are a work in progress will be excluded from the survey.Also see the Control Engineering event listing:

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