Survey: Half of IT departments fail to deliver value

In an effort to align projects with business needs, IT executives say specific technologies under consideration for the next 12 months include configuration management database, change management, and service catalog deployments. Link to other IT department surveys.

By Renee Robbins December 17, 2009

A recent global survey of IT executives reveals that half (57 percent) believe that their IT systems, processes and services still do not deliver the value expected by the business. The research further underlines the need for organizations to adopt a Service Value Management (SVM) approach to help IT deliver more business alignment, according to Axios Systems, sponsor of the survey.

Best practices, continuously : With two decades of experience of ITIL-based IT service management implementations, the Axios Best Practice division has developed a proven methodology to set up and embed effective and tailored processes in an organization.

The study found that 64 percent of respondents are unable to provide the business and IT executives with real-time quantifiable metrics demonstrating the value of IT services and assets. Despite huge investments in IT, it appears organizations still lack the systems, processes and best practice approaches for IT management that would help overcome these challenges. As budgets come under close scrutiny, over a third (39 percent) of IT professionals claimed that business decision makers still do not understand the value IT brings to the business.

According to the research, 63 percent of respondents are focused on cost reduction as the principal driver for IT projects over the next 12 months; the next most common focuses are change management and compliance. When these business drivers are considered, the need for a new, more pragmatic and value-orientated approach to IT becomes increasingly important, says Ailsa Symeonides, sales and marketing director at Axios Systems .

The focus on cost reduction and change management is being echoed in the specific technologies under consideration for the next 12 months. The major projects cited by respondents included configuration management database (CMDB) (22 percent), change management (19 percent) and service catalog (18 percent) deployments. In addition, 16 percent of respondents are planning service desk upgrades or replacements. When these projects are implemented at the same time, it emphasizes IT’s focus on trying to understand the value of its IT assets, as well as finding ways to reduce costs and support business transformation initiatives, says Symeonides.

"As organizations look to reduce costs and conduct major business change management programs, the role of IT and its business value becomes increasingly important. Our study highlights that a gap still remains in IT’s ability to deliver and demonstrate the value it provides the business," says Symeonides. "In today’s changing and uncertain world, this is no longer acceptable and it is our belief that adopting a Service Value Management (SVM) approach will enable organizations to meet this challenge head on."

Axios is a provider of enterprise IT service management (ITSM) solutions, including assyst software. Developed around the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes, assyst software supports an evolution from a "help desk" approach to a "consolidated service desk." Sharon Taylor, ITIL V3 chief architect and chief examiner, says, "Organizations are looking at ways to have more business-driven technology and this is why Service Value Management (SVM), with ITIL at its foundation, is such a priority. assyst by Axios Systems provides enterprises with a solution that is geared toward achieving this."

The study was conducted in June and July 2009, and is based on over 1500 IT professionals from North America, Europe and Asia. Part of the survey took place during a live webcast by Sharon Taylor , which can be viewed online. at this link.

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– Edited by Renee M. Robbins, managing editor, MBT