Synapse Wireless California Eastern Laboratories form partnership

Companies collaborate on IEEE802.15.4 wireless mesh network technology.
By Control Engineering Staff November 25, 2008
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Huntsville, ALSynapse Wireless California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) to collaborate on IEEE802.15.4 wireless mesh network technology to help expand CEL’s product offering for low-cost, high-performance components to instantly form wireless mesh networks. Applications include a range of design solutions for OEMs in markets, such as communications, home and building automation, medical, and industrial controls.
CEL likes “the design expertise of the Synapse engineering team,” said Rich Howell, CEL director of business development. Snap technology will help CEL customers bring wireless mesh applications to market, he noted.
Pat Campbell, executive vice president at Synapse added, “CEL offers an exceptional hardware platform for wireless mesh network solutions to our customers. Together we will provide OEMs with custom design support for electronic product applications in a wide range of markets.”
CEL will offer custom solutions for hardware and software because of its access to the Synapse engineering software and hardware team, SNAP and Portal technologies, plus the Synapse embedded virtual machine for over-the-air application programming.

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