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By Control Engineering November 15, 2023
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INTERNATIONAL: Control Engineering China

Are you using the unified OT data layer to bridge the natural gap between IT and OT?

Out-of-the-box unified operational technology data layer software can provide to OT, IT and cloud resources. See five basic functions of a unified data layer for operational technology.


Bridging the gap video/podcast series: The challenges of AI integration in industrial automation

AI is affecting nearly every aspect of industrial automation, but that doesn’t mean companies are not experiencing challenges. While AI can have a huge impact on everything from digital transformation to industrial networking to cybersecurity, 57% of survey respondents have experienced at least some challenges with its implementation. See video.


Automation mergers, acquisitions, capital markets analysis: October 2023

The Bundy Group reported 21 automation transactions in the month of October. Analysis on the acquisitions and reports are highlighted.

Components in industrial robots market forecasting strong growth

The market for industrial robots components is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.8% from 2022 to 2027 thanks to collaborative and SCARA robots.


Innovation is better without disruption

Innovation within technology is better done without disruption and versioning issues, which is what EtherCAT strives to achieve.

How artificial intelligence may change cybersecurity jobs and policy

The ISA Leadership conference keynote speaker covers reactions by executives and legislators to generative AI and how this could impact cybersecurity professionals.

WEBCAST: Advice on SCADA software selection and best practices

In a webcast on SCADA software selection and best practices, Northwind Technical Services’ Andreina Lugo and Applied Control Engineering’s Mike Lennon provide general tips and a use case.

WEBCAST: How HMI/SCADA architectures are meeting evolving operations

How are human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system architectures evolving?

WEBCAST: More answers on bridging the gap from edge to cloud MES to make automation more effective

Industrial hardware and software experts answered more questions about how edge computing helps integrate human-machine interface and supervisory control and data acquisition (HMI/SCADA) software, manufacturing execution system (MES) software, enterprise software and industrial cloud-based applications, after an Oct. 5 Control Engineering webcast. Link to the webcast and related article.


Automation Fair, Nov. 6-9: What’s possible with automation, productivity, resilience, sustainability?

The 32nd annual Automation Fair by Rockwell Automation opens today, Nov. 6, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center where Rockwell Automation and its partners offer more than 120 interactive exhibits, more than 325 sessions, more than 500 hours of training by more than 400 experts. More than 10,000 are expected to attend in four days. Search on for other coverage.

ICS Pulse Podcast: Cyber Awareness, Ep. 12: Proactive Cybersecurity

In the 12th and final episode of the Cybersecurity Awareness Month podcast series, we welcome first-timer Madison Horn, CEO of Critical Fault and Congressional candidate (OK-05). She discusses the need to move from reactive to proactive cybersecurity, the value of the shared responsibility model and the rise of quantum computing.

Fabtech interview: Collaborative robot for paint inspection applications

Collaborative robots can be employed in conjunction with vision systems used to detect imperfections and deviations to examine painted surfaces for defects. See video.


MTP standard accelerates DCS and PLC integration

Many production plant designs require integration of a distributed control system with multiple PLC-based subsystems. NAMUR MTP is a standardized configuration and communication method to facilitate integration between the two, while cutting the cost, time and risk of doing so.

Project lifecycle process safety reviews

Care should be taken in the course of project lifecycles to ensure the project aims are accomplished while also ensuring that process safety is built into the project from every aspect.

Safety standard for industrial mobile robot systems and applications available

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) released the second installment of its safety standard for industrial mobile robots, R15.08-2.

Choosing between discrete, continuous position sensors for an application

Discrete and continuous position sensors offer many benefits for manufacturers, but they offer different benefits depending on the application.

Accelerate EV battery manufacturing by integrating servo motors, robotics

Electric vehicles (EVs) require more efficient manufacturing to meet increased demands and use of robotics and servo motors can help. See table on battery types, information on cell housing types.


PLC standards for the new-ish millennium

PLC standards have greatly changed since the 1980s. Learn how modern programming tools have greatly improved PLC development.


Recently posted products include capacitive proximity sensors, reed sensors, timer relays, compressed air flow controller and magnetic encoder. See these and more at:

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR: Make your submissions now.


Control Engineering Europe: How digitalization, digital transformation strategies are evolving

The goals of industrial digitalization have changed and there are many potential disruptions in the digitalization journey for manufacturers.


CE Industrial Networking Newsletter

Honeywell Connect highlights: Digitalization and AI in focus

New Products for Engineers

Actuators, Motors, Drives, Control Systems, Facility Type


IT/OT Convergence

IT and OT must work together to secure systems, protect information and ensure safety.


Robotics are one of the fastest-growing industries and their impact can be felt on many manufacturing floors.

Global System Integrator Report (GSIR)

GSIR will mail with the November/December print/digital edition of Control Engineering and contain System Integrator of the Year, System Integrator Giants, case studies and trends about integration and use of automation, controls and instrumentation.

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