Tag database: New SQL technology easy to integrate with IT applications

By Control Engineering Staff November 7, 2007

Inductive Automation has released new versions of its database technology, FactoryPMI 3.0 and FactorySQL 4.0, with both incorporating new SQLTags technology. The company says that with SQLTags, rapid development of web-launched SCADA systems is easier, more accessible, and more scalable.

Powered by OPC, SQLTags technology reportedly turns any SQL database into a high-performance industrial tag database. Database platforms, like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL, have storage and performance characteristics that make them ideal for use in industrial applications, and are easy for IT departments to support. The database-centric architecture of FactoryPMI and FactorySQL lets designers create data-rich SCADA and MES systems with features including downtime and efficiency tracking along with recipe and batch management, trending, and PDF reporting.

With SQLTags, HMI functions like real time status and control are accomplished using drag-and-drop from within the FactoryPMI web-launched designer, letting users benefit from the power of a database-centric architecture without the complexity.

"SQLTags is a significant breakthrough in distributed SCADA technology," says Steve Hechtman, president, Inductive Automation. "In my 22 years experience as a systems integrator, I’ve never encountered a platform that so naturally crosses over between industrial controls and enterprise management."

FactoryPMI is a full-featured, database-powered HMI/SCADA system with unlimited clients and data points. Its web-launched rich clients simplify deployment and management. IT departments typically understand its standards-based approach including Java clients, open SQL database connectivity, web based management, and integrated Microsoft Active Directory authentication. Its modular architecture enables systems ranging from redundant enterprise-wide SCADA systems to plant-floor touch-panel machine control.

FactorySQL is an easy and effective way to bridge the gap between PLCs and standard database systems. It is an OPC powered industrial data bridge that leverages existing IT infrastructures. Drag-and-drop configuration for both data logging and bidirectional control delivers easy connectivity with industrial devices. Advanced features like alerting, triggers, and stored procedure support make FactorySQL the data bridge of choice in a variety of industries worldwide.

Both FactoryPMI 3.0 and FactorySQL 4.0 are completely backwards compatible. A free evaluation is available for download.

—Edited by Peter Welander, process industries editor, PWelander@cfemedia.com
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