Temperature process controller with data logging, graphical trend charts

Watlow's F4T has added Intuition version 3.0, which features advanced data logging and allows users to create up to four trend screens.

By Watlow May 6, 2016

Watlow’s F4T has added Intuition version 3.0, which features advanced data logging and graphical trend charts. The F4T is a ¼ DIN temperature process controller with touch-screen technology. It features a 4.3-in. capacitive color touch panel with high resolution and graphical user interface that provides customized control for demanding applications. Watlow’s F4T version 3.0 is available with encrypted data log records to help meet industry requirements such as Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program), AMS 2750E and CRF 21 Part 11. Other data logging feature include the ability to log directly to a USB memory stick, transfer data log files over Ethernet or to the USB host ports, and select which parameters to data log. Version 3.0 also allows to create up to four trend screens. Users have the ability to scroll through a matching color legend of parameters on the trend chart. The trend chart image can be saved to a USB host port location for viewing, emailing or printing options.


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