Temperature sensors: Have it your way—RTDs, thermocouples built to order

By Control Engineering Staff December 20, 2007

If you’re an OEM or a volume user of temperature sensors and you can’t always find what you need from suppliers’ standard offerings, Thermalogic says it can make RTD, thermistor, thermocouple, and semiconductor sensor assemblies to order, to satisfy your unique applications.

Custom designs are the heart of Thermalogic’s temperature sensor business, so the company has streamlined the process of modifying its extensive library of sensor designs to fit applications quickly and exactly, both electrically and mechanically. Thermalogic’s design engineers can select from a wide range of combinations of sensing elements, tubing, lead wire, termination, fittings and calibration to fulfill specific needs. For example, choose from:

  • Large selection of tubing, fittings, and mounting options;

  • Coated sheath options;

  • PVC, teflon, or armored cables;

  • Special shaped cable and fittings; and,

  • Sensor curve matching.

Each family of Thermalogic sensors offers capabilities that make them suited to particular applications in a variety of applications, including food processing, test equipment, machinery fabrication, rail transport, cooling and heating equipment, semiconductor processing, environmental treatment, and laboratory apparatus.

Thermistor sensor specifications:

  • High stability;

  • Industry standard or special curves;

  • Ranges from -40 to 250 °C (-40 to 500 °F); and,

  • Choice of element tolerance.

RTD sensor specifications:

  • Rugged platinum film elements;

  • Industry standard or special curves;

  • Ranges from -55 to 450 °C (-67 to 900 °F); and,

  • Choice of element tolerance.

Thermocouple sensor specifications:

  • Grounded or un-grounded; and,

  • Ranges from -100 to 450 °C (-148 to 900 °F).

Semiconductor sensor specifications:

  • Selection of industry standard elements and ranges; and,

  • Practical mounting of semiconductor cases.

—Edited by Peter Welander, process industries editor, PWelander@cfemedia.com ,
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