Temperature sensors: Wireless thermocouple and RTD probe assemblies

Probes available in a wide variety of common sensor configurations.

By Control Engineering Staff June 19, 2008

Omega’s new wireless industrial temperature sensors feature a variety of RTD or thermocouple probes combined with a head assembly featuring a pre-programmed wireless transmitter.

Users can specify a type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C, or N thermocouple, or PT100 RTD sensing element. The head assembly includes the transmitter with a self-contained, field replaceable battery, reportedly useful for more than 3 years of continuous use.

All models interface directly with Omega’s UWTC series receivers that feature local displays, analog output, alarms, and Web-based monitoring.

Omega says each unit includes free software that can convert a PC into a multi-channel chart recorder data logger or real time meter displaying process temperature, ambient temperature, signal strength, and battery condition of many probes simultaneously.

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