Thickness gauge uses advanced DSP

By Control Engineering Staff March 16, 2006

MBT thickness gauges from Agr International Inc. use advance digital signal processing and the “Hall effect” to provide high-accuracy thickness measurement.

MBT 7200 and 7400 thickness gauges from Agr International Inc . incorporate advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and a host of additional features to provide high-accuracy thickness measurement. Portable device is based on the “Hall effect” and can measure all types of non-ferrous materials. Two sensors and a variety of ball sizes are available to cover thickness ranges from 0-10 mm thick.Sensor probes incorporate “integrated digital signal processing SIDSP,” where measuring signals are created and processed in the sensor. Processed digital readings are transferred to the base unit for display, statistical analysis, and storage. Error influences on the measuring data during transfer over the cable (signal-to-noise ratio) are substantially reduced. Other features include a hardened probe tip, easy calibration, menu-controlled user interface, and a large, easy-to-read display.MBT is suitable for a variety of products including containers and molded items. It is said to be especially useful for measuring attributes of bottles and containers that are typically difficult to measure accurately; these include heel, base, and shoulder regions, decorated areas, complex shapes, and sharp corners. Internal data logger and statistical functions facilitate data collection in production areas and QC laboratories. Stored measurements can be transferred to other devices through an RS-232 port. Expanded database and advanced graphing functions can be used to produce statistical charts and graphs, such as histograms and trend diagrams.

—Jeanine Katzel, senior editor, Control Engineering,