Think & Do Studio uses Visio

By Control Engineering Staff March 7, 2001

Ann Arbor, Mich. -Think & Do Studio automation software combines control and information technology with Microsoft Visio 2000, and includes enterprise connectivity and productivity analysis capabilities. Think & Do Studio accelerates automation implementation and provides scalability across Microsoft Windows 2000, NTE, and CE. Pre-configured displays deliver details on capacity utilization, cycle-time variations, and downtime to assist productivity improvement efforts, capacity planning projects, and dynamic scheduling. Entivity Inc.

Added information
Think & Do products are installed in an incredibly diverse set of applications-so much so, that company representatives often refer to them as ‘A to Z.’ Customers span the globe, including applications in both Australia and Zimbabwe. In South Africa, alone, customers range from platinum mines to chicken farms. And, when it comes to ‘material handling,’ products are used in all kinds of settings-from sorting railroad cars for Conrail to pushing electrons around at the Stanford Linear Accelerator, says Entivity.

At a glance…

  • UDE for Automation

  • Microsoft Visio 2000

  • Integrates logic, HMI, motion, PID, communications

  • SQL database yields enterprise connectivity

  • Rapid deployment enables productivity