Three machine vision maintenance tips for system integrators

System integrators that perform machine vision maintenance for their customers can create better relationships by being proactive, thorough, and helpful when they are needed.

By AIA September 28, 2017

Machine vision systems are a big investment for most manufacturers, therefore they need to protect that investment in every way possible. While not all manufacturers will want a maintenance contract from a system integrator, most manufacturers will want their integrators to be an all-in-one resource for machine vision maintenance.

System integrators that provide machine vision maintenance can build strong ties with their customers, but only if they go beyond simply being repair technicians. While different customers will want something different from their system integrators, these three machine vision maintenance tips highlight the requirements of just about every customer.

1. Anticipate maintenance needs

Integrators should elevate themselves from vendor to business partner by being proactive and anticipating the maintenance needs of their customers. Often, integrators will know best when a system is due for a checkup and when certain components will need to be replaced.

2. Document everything

The ability to be proactive will be informed by careful documentation of all maintenance and service performed. Having a detailed written record makes repairs easier and quicker, which makes you seem even more knowledgeable and helpful. Documentation also can serve as an educational resource for customers.

3. Educate and train customers

Customers appreciate integrators who go the extra mile to educate and train them on the operation and upkeep of machine vision systems. These are complicated systems and a lot can go wrong. Manufacturers who are highly informed on the specifics of their system will require less maintenance and experience less downtime, which is a huge benefit for them.

Proper maintenance practices, such as the three mentioned above, can help forge lasting relationships with customers that create business again and again. When system integrators become business partners, as opposed to machine vision vendors, they will be rewarded.

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