Tiny controller eases stepper-motor control

By Control Engineering Staff August 25, 2005

Nippon Pulse America’s Motion Checker enables either constant-speed motion or trapezoidal motion with programmable high/low speeds.

A palm-sized controller with built-in constant-voltage driver promises to bring plug-and-play control to stepper motors. Motion Checker MCH-2 from Nippon Pulse America Inc. is said to simplify starting of stepper motor projects for experienced engineers or ease the control learning curve for students. The built-in driver is designed for “tin-can” type stepper motors.Front-panel controls allow setting of motion profiles to run indefinitely or for a specific number of cycles. This makes life-testing operations very simple, according to the company. Mobility of Motion Checker MCH-2 further suits it for field-testing and inspection of stepper-motor-based equipment. The device’s constant-voltage driver has two configurations: bipolar—rated for 400 mA (700 mA peak)—or unipolar, rated for 250 mA (400 mA peak). Connecting of an external driver is accommodated by a separate CW/CCW output.

List price for Motion Checker MCH-2, including a selected stepper motor and 12 V dc adapter, is $100, each.

—Frank J. Bartos, executive editor, Control Engineering, fbartos@reedbusiness.com