Tips: All you wanted to know about temperature measurement

Agilent Technologies offers a series of measurement tips designed to share practical tips and hints based on real applications and test scenarios. Control Engineering provides additional help, below.
By Control Engineering Staff February 11, 2008

Santa Clara, CA

Agilent Technologies

is offering a series of

measurement tips

Control Engineering provides additional help, below.

The first measurement briefs focus on making temperature measurements, including:
-Making Good Thermocouple Measurements in Noisy Environments;
-Practical Hints for Making Fast Scans of Multiple-Sensor Systems; and
-How to Select the Correct Temperature Sensor for your Application.

Past tips from Control Engineering on temperature measurement include:
-Contact sensors may offer a price advantage, non-contact sensors are more durable because they are not subject to contact wear and could have a lower life-cycle cost.
-Sensors have shrunk, analysis hardware and software continue to improve, and prices for comparable performance have dropped.
-For monitoring processes in real time, mounted sensors provide stability and consistency than handheld options.

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C.G. Masi, senior editor
Control Engineering
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