Top 5 Control Engineering content: January 22-28 2024

The top 5 pieces of content from the past week includes PLC programming, motors and drives, SCADA, and more.

By David Miller January 29, 2024
Courtesy: Automation LLC

Control Engineering’s top 5 pieces of content over the past week include PLC programming, motors and drives, SCADA, and more.

1. PLC programming fundamentals and uses in discrete manufacturing

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are the main method of controlling discrete machinery in manufacturing.

2. Motors and drives: Three topics in energy efficiency

Industrial energy efficiency is important for machine design as measurements for motor and drive efficiencies show.

3. Improving efficiency through automation with SCADA

A steel pipe maker implements supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), manufacturing execution (MES) and statistical process control (SPC) at their facility to improve operations.

4. The time is now for systems integrators

Labor and skills shortages justify increased automation; SIs occupy key position in today’s supply chains; SI Giants embrace the opportunities.

5. The dark side of the IT/OT integration equation

Are operations cyber-vulnerable due to lack of resources, lack of understanding or both?