Top 5 Control Engineering content: June 17-23, 2024

The top 5 pieces of content from the past week includes PIDs, Automate 2024, PID control and more.

By Tyler Wall June 24, 2024
Courtesy: Ed Bullerdiek, retired control engineer

Control Engineering’s top 5 pieces of content over the past week includes PIDs, Automate 2024, PID control and more.

1. PID spotlight, part 5: What does good and bad controller tuning look like?

PID controllers have visual cues that you can use to identify performance problems. Improperly set controller gain, integral, and derivative offer unique patterns that you can use to guide your efforts to improve controller performance. See seven takeaways for better PID tuning.

2. Automate 2024 video interview roundup

WTWH Media editors talked with manufacturing experts and thought leaders during Automate 2024 for their insights during the event.

3. PID spotlight, part 4: How to balance PID control for a self-limiting process

Control of a self-limiting process with a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller begins with learning the role of controller gain, integral and derivative in controlling the self-limiting process. Controller gain responds to the present, integral corrects based on the past, and derivative can be used to best-guess the future.

4. Make exponential gains now: Automation, I/O, mechatronics

A reimagined production line delivers complete flexibility to accommodate simultaneous programming and testing of a broad range of terminal types.

5. Latest in AI-powered robots, AMRs, collaborative, industrial robots

ABB Robotics marked 50 years of robotics with updated robotics powered by artificial intelligence to help robotics users adapt more quickly to market demands, as explained at Automate 2024 by A3, in Chicago.

Author Bio: Tyler Wall is an associate editor for CFE Media and Technology