Transmit torque through barrier

By Control Engineering Staff March 1, 2001

Addison, Ill. -MDC/MSV magnetic synchronous torque-limiting clutches transmit torque through a housing, cabinet, or other sealed application. Two disks (or cylinders) lined with permanent magnets opposite each other across the barrier and an air gap. ‘Servo-quality’ torque is produced as one disk or cylinder rotates relative to the other. MDC disk-type clutches produce 17-256 lb-in. torque, with 0.125-1.14 in. OD shafts. MSV cylinder-type units (smaller cylinder rotates inside the larger without touching) offer 440-8,850 lb-in. torque, with 0.75-2.5 in. shafts. Nominal air gap is 0.25-in. for the above ratings.

Rimtec Corporation