Transponder coils for automotive applications

TDK Corporation's B82453C*A* series of 3D transponder coils have a high sensitivity level for passive entry passive start (PEPS).

By TDK Corporation July 10, 2017

TDK Corporation presents a series of 3D transponder coils with a high sensitivity level for passive entry passive start (PEPS) and other access systems. The B82453C*A* series features six types of 3-D transponder coils that offer sensitivity levels from 45 mV/µT to 83 mV/µT and inductance values from 4.75 mH to 13.2 mH. The center frequency is at 125 kHz. The sensitivity levels of the 3-D transponder coils are about 20% higher than that of predecessor or competitor components with comparable geometries and inductance values. This enables the wake-up function of PEPS in vehicles applications to be activated at greater distances. The 3-D transponder coils have a robust overmolded casing and the terminals of the windings are laser-welded. As a result, they feature very high mechanical stability, as is proven by the severe drop tests required for PEPS applications.

TDK Corporation 

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