Two flow control products debut at WEFTEC

By Control Engineering Staff September 6, 2005

Model 640S wastewater insertion flow meter is one of two flow control products being introduced by Sierra Instruments at the upcoming WEFTEC show in Washington, DC.

Monterey, CA — Sierra Instruments Inc. unveils two new flow control products at WEFTEC in Washington, DC, Oct. 29-Nov 2. Products being featured at the water quality event include a flow and level switch and a mass flowmeter.

Innova-Switch flow and level switch provides flow and level detection using a high-resolution thermal differential technique. Sensor consists of a pair of matched resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). One is self-heated using a constant dc current; the other is unheated and provides an accurate process temperature reference. Thermal differential between reference and heated RRD pair is a function of density and/or velocity of the media with which the sensor is in contact.

Sensor and wetted parts are made of durable 316L stainless steel, all welded construction with no moving parts. Features include wide operating temperature range of–100 to 850 °F (-70 to 458 °C), flow switch range of 0.01 to 5 fps in liquids and 0.1 to 500 fps in gases, and level switching on level change of 0.03 in. It carries CE, CENELEC, and CSA approvals. Model 640S wastewater insertion flowmeter monitors mass flow of air in wastewater treatment plants. It is said to provide accuracy, flexibility, reliability, low cost-of-ownership, and a wide turndown to help reduce operating costs. Instrument’s reported ability to withstand extreme outdoor conditions, provide direct mass flow measurement with a single pipe penetration, interface with distributed control systems, measure a wide range of flows, and minimize pressure drops makes it suitable for aeration flow monitoring and digester gas flow measurement applications.Microprocessor-based transmitter integrates functions of flow measurement, flow-range adjustment, meter validation, and diagnostics in a compact, explosion-proof housing. Mass flow rate and totalized flow, and other configuration variables are displayed on the meter’s backlighted LCD.

—Control Engineering Daily News DeskJeanine Katzel, senior editor