Two technical specification proposals released for comment and voting

FieldComm Group has two technical specifications, the Unified EDD Language Specification and the FDI Technical Specification, open for review for final comment and vote.

By FieldComm Group January 27, 2017

FieldComm Group has two technical specifications open for member comment and voting. The Unified EDDL Specification and the FDI Technical Specification have been completed by the technical working groups and are now open for review for final comment and vote. Upon completion of the comment and voting period, if the specifications are approved, FieldComm Group will release the changes are part of the generally available technology specifications. The two proposed changes are highlighted below.

Unified EDDL Specification, Version 1.0 (FCG TS61804)

A unified EDDL specification is now proposed that combines and where possible harmonizes all three existing specifications into one. This unified EDDL specification will be the vehicle for introducing enhancements, corrections, and/or additions to the EDDL technology in the future. The existing variations of EDDL specifications will be frozen with no current plans to further update or revise them once the proposed specification is approved and released. The unified specification will be proposed as a new version of IEC 61804.

FDI Technical Specification, Version 1.1 (FCG TS62769)

This will be the second release of the FDI Technical Specification. The first release, Version 1.0, was performed under the FDI Cooperation LLC. The proposed FDI technical specification is broken up into seven separate documents, nine communication profiles, and three interface schemas. Primary changes from Version 1.0 to Version 1.1 include extensions to communication servers (part 7, profiles), and additional detail added to ensure robust and secure UIP hosting (parts 2, 6, schemas).

Any member delegate can participate in the document review and submit comments by the deadline. There is no requirement to provide comments through a single designated member contact. Simultaneous to the member review and comment, an approval ballot is available to collect votes on the release of the proposed technical specifications. The deadline to vote is March 28, 2017.

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