Upgraded ultra-miniature microstepping driver

By Control Engineering Staff October 27, 2005

Improved XIM481H driver has 16 built-in microstep resolutions ranging from full step to 51,200 steps/rev (with 1.8° step motor).

Intelligent Motion Systems (IMS) has introduced an upgraded microstepping driver, IM481H Plus, with advanced technology of a patented new motion-control chip. Designated XIM481H, the new driver adds features such as active anti-resonance, ultra-smooth low speed motion, and precise current control to drive stepping motors up to NEMA size 23. It’s all done in a package measuring 1.1 x 2.7 x 0.175 in. (28 x 69 x 4.4 mm).

Other XIM481H features include short-circuit and thermal protection, adjustable automatic current reduction at full step, and fault outputs. This ultra-miniature 2.1-Amp (peak) driver incorporates advanced ASIC technology that reduces motor heating and allows low inductance stepper motors to be used to increase high-speed performance and efficiency. It accepts an input of 12-48 V.Integrating XIM481H in applications that use higher step-angle motors lets users replace mechanical gearing for increased smoothness and more accurate positioning, says IMS. This feature also enables moving long distances at higher speeds, yet can precisely position the motor at the end of travel while reducing controller overhead.

—Frank J. Bartos, executive editor, Control Engineering fbartos@reedbusiness.com