Using SCADA beyond the typical process environment

At the 2014 Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition, Ming Zhang demonstrated how an operator can have process control in their fingertips.

By Anisa Samarxhiu September 10, 2014
At the 2014 Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition, Ming Zhang demonstrated the how an operator can have the process control in their fingertips.Ming Zhang, the senior automation engineer for Chevron spoke about enterprise automation solutions and making that a reality. The goal of this solution is to provide real time data to enterprises to the right people, whenever they need it and that it can come from anywhere. 
To construct the enterprise automation solution, Zhang identified 6 rules:
  1. It has to be trusted data that can be collected from the source and that has never been tampered with.
  2. The data goes into the system once, eliminating duplication. 
  3. Traffic has to be optimized so that the data can be brought to the enterprise.
  4. It has to be an open system and feed into other systems. 
  5. This solution must integrated with corporate IT.
  6. Stay within your area and focus on your own expertise. 
The highlight of this presentation came when the audience was shown a demonstration of this technology. The data reporting had a time delay of 7 milliseconds. The process data could be seen through a laptop, a tablet, and even a smart phone. It contains the tag database, alarms and HMI, and is connected to the Yokogawa Vnet/IP network. With this solution if communications break down, there is now a backup as the data archives merge together. 
-Anisa Samarxhiu, Digitial Project Manager, CFE Media,