Variable frequency drive for HVAC and industrial applications

Mitsubishi Electric's F800 Series of variable frequency drives (VFDs) are designed for HVAC applications as well as pumps and fans within industrial applications.

By Mitsubishi Electric August 19, 2015

Mitsubishi Electric’s F800 Series VFD features motor speed control and is designed to improve efficiency of air movement through HVAC systems. The F800 is also appropriate for pumps and fans within industrial applications. The F800 VFD controls and supports multiple motor types, including AC induction and permanent magnet motors, eliminating the need to specify multiple VFDs to address motor control needs. F800 is also ideal for food and beverage, automotive, and water treatment industries. The F800 maximizes motor usage and performance while saving energy by using embedded motor control algorithms that optimize AC motor voltage and current based on the desired load. The F800 includes on-board preventive maintenance to reduce downtime and an optional LCD display that provides time stamped logging and real-time clock scheduling functions.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. 

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