Variable frequency drives can be used in timber, textile industries

Mitsubishi's Electric A860 Series inverter delivers speed, torque, and positioning control for controlling shock loads, lifting, and hoisting applications and can be used in the timber and textile industries.

By Mitsubishi Electric August 20, 2015

Mitsubishi Electric’s inverter technology, A860 series of variable frequency drives (VFD), are a 600-volt version of the A800 Series all-in-one VFD. The A860 Series inverter combines induction and permanent magnet motors into one solution. The A860 delivers speed, torque and positioning control for standard three-phase motors. It is suited for controlling shock loads in machine tools, and in lifting and hoisting applications. The A860 series can be used in the timber and textile industries, with suitability for use in saws, chippers, de-barkers and heavy conveyors. The drive can also be used in induction motors and interior permanent motors.

Mitsubishi Electric 

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