Vented connector for reducing internal motor pressure

Kollmorgen's vented connector for their AKMH motor series is designed to reduce internal motor pressure and operate in washdown conditions.

By Kollmorgen April 6, 2016

Kollmorgen’s vented connector for AKMH motors is designed to reduce internal motor pressure. Allowing high pressure to occur inside the motor can cause premature failure of the motor’s seals and result in motor failure due to water ingress in a wash-down application. The vented connector is the solution to reducing internal motor pressure. The design meets several criteria including maintaining the venting feature, its IP69K rating of the motor and cable, and hygenic features. The vented connector assembly is applied to the end of the cable that exits the AKMH motor, which allows the motor to vent at the connection point while maintaining the IP69K rating. This allows the use of either a washdown mating cable, if the cable is continuing through a washdown zone, or a non-washdown cable if the connection point is placed outside of the washdown area.


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