Versant acquires Mokume Software

Fremont, CA—Versant Corp. announced Nov. 20 that it has acquired Mokume Software for more than 2.4 million shares of Versant's common stock, which represents approximately 19.6% of Versant's outstanding common shares.

By Control Engineering Staff December 5, 2002

Fremont, CA— Versant Corp. sant will maintain following the acquisition.

Mokume’s flagship product is a real-time data collection and analysis system with adapters for plant-floor applications. Versant will accelerate its plan to offer real-time solutions based on its core object database combined with Mokume’s technology. Versant also plans to create of a new business unit to market real-time solutions.

“Versant intends to leverage its advantage in high-speed data storage and retrieval to offer a family of real-time solutions that will provide decision makers with timely information that is presently difficult to obtain and analyze,” says Tom Miura, Versant’s coo. “A number of our existing customers such as Siemens Medical, British Airways, Northrop Grumman, Foxboro and Sabre, use Versant’s object database for managing high volumes of real-time data coming from physical devices, ranging from medical equipment to gas pipelines. Our acquisition of Mokume provides Versant with key technology and partnerships to expedite the delivery of future real-time solutions.”

Versant’s ceo, Nick Ordon, adds that, “Versant’s object database is the premier data storage mechanism for storing and accessing high volumes of real-time events and data streams. Versant’s current products, VDS and enJin, will be an integral part of the real-time solution offerings. The evolution of these products for real-time computing will greatly benefit our existing and future customers and partners.”

Mokume’s president, Ajay Jain, stated that, “Businesses are focused on improving the ef-fectiveness of their planning and forecasting processes, creating the demand for real-time information from devices, sensors and enterprise execution systems. We see great synergy in our technology vision and Versant’s real-time strategy. We believe that Mokume’s customers, partners and products will greatly benefit from Versant’s core infrastructure and capabilities. I am personally excited to be part of the remarkable team delivering the real-time initiative at Versant.”

Mr. Jain will join Versant’s executive team as president of Versant’s new business unit, which will be responsible for selling the company’s real-time solutions. He has more than 13 years of experience in solving enterprise problems in the area of ERP, CRM, and manufacturing systems, with management experience at leading technology companies including Cadence, Netscape, Quantum and Clarify.

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Gary A. Mintchell, senior editor