Vertical lift stages, in 2 sizes, with dc servomotor

Aerotech's MPS-SV series lift stages are offered in two sizes, the MPS50SV and MPS75SV, and feature a DC servomotor as well precision-ground ball screws for accurate geometric performance.

October 7, 2013

Aerotech’s MPS-SV series lift stages are designed to provide elevation motion for applications ranging from laboratory research to production processes. The series is offered in two sizes, the MPS50SV and MPS75SV, and both permit easy assembly of multi-axis configurations using linear, rotary, and lift stages.

The MPS-SV series utilizes a precision-ground ball screw and preloaded crossed-roller bearings for smooth and accurate geometric performance and 0.05 µm miminum incremental motion. The MPS50SV also offers a lead-screw for cost-sensitive applications.

The MPS-SV motor options include a dc servomotor with a rotary encoder and a stepper motor. It also has a precision-machined wedge design and lateral constraint system for high load constraint and lateral motions.


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