Vision system speeds up semiconductor wafer pre-alignment

At SEMICON Japan, Cognex Corporation announced the In-Sight 1820 vision-based wafer pre-aligner. The company says that, utilizing its proprietary NotchMax alignment technology, the system provides precise non-contact measurement of wafer position and orientation that is faster and more accurate than comparably priced mechanical systems.
By Control Engineering Staff January 24, 2008

Natick, MA —At SEMICON Japan , Cognex Corp. ems.
The company says the vision system determines wafer position and orientation in less than half a second while mechanical pre-aligners must typically spin wafers for several seconds. It aligns wafers with a center position accuracy of +/- 15μm and an orientation accuracy of +/- 0.05º. More accurate pre-alignment saves fine alignment steps inside a process tool to boost throughput.
—Edited by C.G. Masi , senior editor