VisualPlant 3.0 manages plant data via the web

Manufacturing Technologies Inc.

By Laura Zurawski, web editor March 22, 2001

Chicago, Ill. -Executive Manufacturing Technologies Inc. (EMT, London, Ontario, Canada) introduced VisualPlant, version 3.0, at National Manufacturing Week 2001 on March 5-8. Built on Microsoft’s (Redmond, Wa.) .NET for Manufacturing platform, VisualPlant is an off-the-shelf solution that can be installed quickly, and is capable of managing all manufacturing information, according to EMT.

VisualPlant delivers real-time and historical data from the plant floor via a web browser. The system provides real-time machine status, production and downtime monitoring, integrated data mining and reporting, and batch and product tracking. Data is collected via a non-intrusive data capturing system designed to handle various data collection methods. Data integration is automated with no manual intervention required. Users can apply their business rules at the data collection level and augment their PLC’s capabilities.

VisualPlant 3.0’s other features include:

An extensible, open web framework,

On-the-fly, dynamically created custom reports,

User-defined graphical views and displays,

Timeline production history display,

Batch historian capability,

Time series data analysis, and

VPTerminal, a dedicated plant floor operator terminal

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