Wago 858 Series 4-pole, double-throw relay modules

Wago Corp. has a new line of compact DIN-rail mount 858 Series four-pole, double-throw industrial relays, for power and control signal switching.

December 23, 2009

Wago 858 Relays

Wago Corp.’s new line of DIN-rail mount 858 Series four-pole, double-throw industrial relays are engineered for robust applications requiring compact signal switching for power and control, the company says. The 858 Series can be ordered as Complete Relay Modules, or a customizable Socket/Base with standalone Relays as components.

Complete Relay Modules carry a four change-over contact relay, retaining clip and base featuring two conductor entries at each connection point. The Relay Modules also provide the most marking options/locations, including: two locations for marking strips or WMB markers, direct printing at conductor entries and an adhesive label option.

Wide range of relays : The 858 Series Relays are available in coil voltages of 24 V dc, 120 V dc and 230 V ac, as well as gold contact-equipped variants. All carry integrated status LEDs and manual operation, consisting of an operation lever, additional mechanical relay status and push-to-test capability.

Relay modules provide convenience : Relay Modules employ Cage Clamp S Compact Spring Pressure Connection Technology for simple, push-in wiring (solid or ferruled conductors) or screwdriver-actuated terminations (stranded conductors). Quicker to perform than traditional screw-style wiring, Cage Clamp S terminations are also temperature-cycling resistant, vibration-proof and maintenance-free.

The Relay Modules also accommodate optional push-in jumpers that common two adjacent relays. Wago says its spring pressure connection technology eliminates loosewires resulting from vibration and temperature cycling, while providinghighly reliable, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free connections.
858 Series’ complete Relay Modules are UL Listed (4 x 5 A / 250 V); UL recognition is pending for the 858 Series Relay Socket/Base component.

Other Wago products include DIN-rail, PCB and chassis mount terminal blocks; signal conditioners; and the Wago-I/O-System, among others.

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