Wind River supports Motorola’s processors

Alameda, Calif. - To provide integrated networking and telecommunications solutions, Wind River Systems Inc. announced Dec. 5 that it will support Motorola's recently launched MPC8250 and MPC8241 processors.

By Jim Montague, news editor December 7, 2001

Alameda, Calif. To provide integrated networking and telecommunications solutions, Wind River Systems Inc . announced Dec. 5 that it will support Motorola’s recently launched MPC8250 and MPC8241 processors. Wind River’s software and development tools, including its VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) and Tornado integrated development environment (IDE), are now fully available using Motorola’s communications processors. MPC8250 and MPC8241 processors are suited for several market segments, such as data communications, storage and telecommunications. In related news, Wind River also now supports the latest version of Motorola’s MPC8245 processor.

With help from Motorola and Wind River’s recently established Center of Excellence relationship, Wind River can quickly support new communications processors upon their release with complete, end-to-end solutions for hardware and software development. Software and development tool support available early in a processor’s lifecycle is a key consideration for developers implementing new processors in embedded designs.

Wind River’s processor support of Motorola’s processors enables embedded system developers to bring up new hardware, solve tough hardware-software integration issues, and facilitate the production and test of completed products. Specifically, Wind River offers developers using these processors:

  • Diab C/C++ compiler an optimized compiling solution, supporting MPC8241 and MPC8250 processors;

  • Tornado II IDE a complete development environment providing GNU and Diab compiler support, SingleStep for Tornado II software debugger, VxWorks RTOS, and board support packages supporting MPC8241 and MPC8250 processors for Motorola’s Sandpoint evaluation system;

  • Tornado AE Wind River’s advanced platform with full memory protection. It features VxWorks AE RTOS and board support packages, which again support MPC8241 and MPC8250;

  • Complete networking solutions Wind River’s networking equipment vendors have integrated software platforms and development environments, including Tornado for Managed Switches, which are geared toward networking manufacturers, switch and router equipment, and Tornado for Home Gateways, for developing broadband access gateway equipment;

  • Network stacks which are available to help developers build data communication, telecom, and storage applications based on these processors;

  • Java Solutions Personal Jworks, a complete implementation of Sun Microsystems’ PersonalJava application environment (PJAE) on Wind River’s VxWorks RTOS. Personal JWorks is certified for full compatibility with the PersonalJava specification, and allows developers to embed Java into their applications.

  • visionProbe II, visionICE II, visionCLICK and SingleStep with vision Hardware-assisted debugging solutions, including real-time target control, source-level debugging, high speed downloads to the target, flash programming and built-in hardware diagnostics; and

  • SBC8250 reference board a solid platform for both hardware and software engineers to use in prototyping MPC8250 processor-based designs, and a live target for developing and testing code. The board will be available with a Wind River-validated board support package and a visionBOOT boot loader and board diagnostics.

These products complement Wind River’s support for Motorola’s family of processors that implement the PowerPC architecture, including the MPC6xx, MPC7xx, MPC8xx, MPC74xx and MPC82xx families.

Diab C/C++ compiler suite, Tornado II, Tornado AE, Java solutions and the networking stacks are all available today to supporting MPC8250, MPC8241 and faster MPC8245 processors. Hardware-assisted tools, including software debuggers, single-board computers and emulators will be available in 2002.