Wireless-based corrosion monitoring system

Emerson Process Management’s Roxar corrosion monitoring system is designed to optimize production processes and features technology that can detect internal corrosion at the pipe wall for enhanced safety.

By Emerson Process Management October 27, 2015

Emerson Process Management’s Roxar corrosion monitoring system to optimize production processes. Roxar system consists of wireless-based probes and provides refineries with flexible, responsive, integrated, and highly accurate corrosion monitoring. It also features
field signature method (FSM) technology, which is a non-intrusive system designed for monitoring internal corrosion at the pipe wall, refinery operators will be able to access more comprehensive corrosion information and corrosion rates, leading to improved operator insight and control over assets. The wireless-based corrosion monitoring system provides information to risk-based inspections with other wireless benefits including reduced installation costs and improved data management. The system identifies and tracks high TAN crudes and their corrosive elements and consists of electrical resistance and linear polarization probes. The system can be installed in a number of refinery applications including side streams, cooling systems, and in addressing naphthenic acid corrosion in high temperature distillation processes. It can perform in high velocity and temperatures, malfunctioning desalting units, and high sulfur content.

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