Wireless gateway for sensors, Wi-Fi applications

Emerson Process Management's Smart Wireless Gateway 1552WU is a wireless solution based on one platform for both WirelessHART sensors and for Wi-Fi applications.

By Emerson Process Management August 18, 2015

Emerson Process Management’s Smart Wireless Gateway 1552WU is a Wi-Fi access point that connects WirelessHART sensors to the control network. The 1552WU was jointly developed as part of Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) systems and functions as a mesh access point that is designed to simplify Wi-Fi and WirelessHART installations, lower costs, and reduce deployment time. Users no longer have to run fiber optic cables for Ethernet communication to every WirelessHART Gateway. The 1552WU connects to neighboring access points allowing complete wireless coverage, with only local power wired to the 1552WU. It is designed to help process manufacturers meet operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) demands and can operate in hazardous conditions. It can be used for multiple-use cases including plant control, worker mobility, and safety.

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