Wireless optimizer for noisy industrial environments

nCap Technologies’ WiFi Optimizer helps solve the challenge of consistent wireless in the noisy industrial environment and uses a proprietary algorithm that monitors the packet flow in and out of the device and makes signal quality adjustments in real time.

By nCap Technologies October 20, 2014

nCap Technologies announced the launch of its WiFi Optimizer. The Optimizer is designed as an add-on to any commercial or industrial router, access point, sensor, or any other 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi device that has an external antenna connection. The nCap Optimizer is designed to increase packet throughput and increase the coverage area.

Using a proprietary algorithm, the Optimizer continuously monitors the packet flow in and out of the device it is connected to and makes signal quality adjustments in real time. The Optimizer does not boost the power level like an amplifier. Instead, it adjusts the quality of the packets by filtering and shaping the signals as they enter and leave.

The improved coverage area comes from the optimization of the Wi-Fi packets and packet noise reduction, enabling the signal to be readable at greater distances.

"Applications in commercial and industrial environments are increasing daily as more and more machine-to-machine devices and sensors come on line and the Internet of things evolves," said product manager Doug Stoddart of nCap Technologies.

Wi-Fi is becoming the norm for connecting sensors and devices that are remote from the control system because the costs of running wire and conduits are ever increasing. This increase in the number of Wi-Fi devices stresses the importance of having clean, clear communications between these devices and access points.

The WiFi Optimizer is DIN-Rail mountable and comes in a configuration to match the number of antenna connections for the intended device. Included with the WiFi Optimizer are sets of each style of connecting cables, RP-TNC or RP-SMA, to match the device’s antenna port. The WiFi Optimizer is powered by 5 V dc 1 amp or by the included power supply. nCap Technologies’ WiFi Optimizer will be sold online at www.wifizix.com.

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